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Beijing Fairyland Academy of Health Science was founded in the summer of 2003, with 5 millions RMB of registered capital. It is invested by Sinoway Group and serves as a research platform and pioneer of health and culture for the Group. It is engaged in preparatory work for development, including market survey, information collection, scientific research and decision consulting.

From the perspectives of human body, psychology, social adaptiveness and morality, the Academy collects and processes Chinese and foreign health and culture theories, develops Fairyland Health products, services and projects, provides eligible theoretical foundations, prospective data and new research results for the Group.

The Academy is now supervised by presidents Wan Yan, Wang Dazhou, Zhang Xutong, Cheng Zhongying and Li Yanjie, ect, and president Wang Dazhou attends its daily acitivities.

For years, the Academy has compiled much literature for staff training and core compatibility. It has made some academic innovation, especially in health culture research and health science establishment.

The Academy proposed that

  1. Health is culture;
  2. Health is important culture;
  3. Health is theme culture of 21 century;
  4. Health is healthy and sustainable culture;
  5. Health is a culture uncontested and accepted by all mankind;
  6. Health culture is important media for Western dissemination of Eastern Leaning;
  7. The demands for health and for health culture is No 1 demand for spiritual culture;
  8. Health culture industry is based on the subject of human health, meets the need and aspiration of human being, and provides relevant products and services; and
  9. Health industry and health culture industry is No 1 cultural creation industry, etc.

The above-mentioned creative arguments have been attracted the attention of Beijing CPC Committee and municipal government, and wide concern of colleagues of health industry, home and abroad.

Science of health is mainly composed of three axioms, the definition of four fundamental elements of health science, five percentage ratios and six cornerstones. The Academy has collected detail information about over 1000 centenarians, 1000 senior citizens (lower than 100 years old), and 81 longevity districts, and then summarized the configuration of health science, such as the law of the centenarian.

The academic research results of the Academy, especially in the innovation of health culture and health science, have won social recognition. On 10 Aril 2007, at the first conference of the International Association of Health preservation, President Wang Dazhou was elected as the member of the executive committee of the Association.

12 famous senior scholars, including Fei Xiaotong, Cheng Siyuan and Zhang Dainian, ect, made suggestions for the planning and construction of Fairyland Health Park.

Research Projects

    • Creation of science of health.

    • Nine Fairyland heath projects: Beauty for women, Strength for men, Health preservation for centenarian, Cheerful affection for lovers, Health care for babies, Health care for pregnant women, Health development for enterprises, Health design and representation for cities, and Character optimization for races.

    • Standard and training of vocation of Health Gardener.

    • Research on the ¡°law of centenarian¡± and the ¡°law of longevity¡±.

    • Music Health Preservation

    • Health Preservation of ancient Taoist holy man

    • Chinese subject of music treatment

    • Customized education

    • Puhe holographical Health Preservation

    • Calligraphy health preservation

    • Yizhichan abdominal massage

    • Health preservation of acupoint cultivation with calligraphy and inscriptions

    • Health preservation of mental cultivation with Brush drawing

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